About HEAL


My name is Soucin. I have a story to tell about how I came to have this information… In September 2023, I was assisting in an Ayahuasca retreat in Yanahuara, near Cusco, Peru. There, I met a beautiful soul, a woman, who would turn out to be a sister - like you. Someone very dear to me - like you. She was carrying something, an energy received from abuse, from rape. You’re carrying this too. It’s not yours, and I received 4 Códigos (4 Codes) from Mother Ayahuasca to completely remove this energy that is not yours from your body, from your energy system. I saw it work for my sister during this retreat in Peru. I FELT it work in her. I felt the moment her energy changed, when she got rid of all this garbage that she had been carrying for 7 years. She was radiant. She was beautiful. She was lighter than she had ever been. I was so proud of her. These 4 Códigos will work for you too. That’s why you’re here - our paths are aligned. It’s right for you to find this information at this point in your life. I send you love, my sister. This is a big turning point for you. Your life will be lighter, you will be free from this. I send you this information with a lot of love. It’s an honour to accompany you on this path.



This story is about you. I'm going to keep the part about me low-key 😉 All the information is here, but if you need to work with me personally, send me an email 💖