Hello My Sister


I’m glad you’ve found this website. I’m glad you’ve found this information.


You’re here because this will help. You’re here because along your healing journey, you’ve come to a place where you’re ready to release the energy of what happened to you from your body and from your energy system.


The time you spend on this is the love you give yourself, the love you’re showing yourself. You have been through a lot of hard times, it was part of the healing. Know that it IS possible to completely clean the energy out of yourself - out of your body, out of your energy system. I’ve seen it.


Take a second now and breathe into it. Know that it IS possible. It’s already done. You just need to take the steps.


This website will take you through the 4 Códigos (4 Codes). It’s a healing, a cleansing, with 4 steps.


Do these steps all at once, in the following order. Take a morning or an afternoon for yourself, to give yourself this gift.


  1. Clearing the energy from your body
  2. Clearing the energy from your energy system
  3. Loving your body
  4. Loving your periods


Aftercare is important too, to integrate this experience and understand what may come up next.

Código 1

Clearing the energy from your body


When the violation of your Sacred Being happened, there was a separation between your body and ‘you’ - this happens to protect you. At the time it happened, you couldn’t express what your body wanted to express. You couldn’t cry, you couldn’t scream, you couldn’t shout. There was no space for your body’s true, natural responses to come out. She needs you to reconnect now - your beautiful body needs you to see how she felt in those moments. She needs you to see those tears. She needs you to shout, to express the righteous, true, primage RAGE that she felt. She needs you to know that she still feels sad that it happened to her, and that’s right, that’s natural. Crying the tears is natural.


If you can, for Códigos 1 & 2, go to a safe space in nature. A space where you can be LOUD. Because you need to be LOUD. Your body needs to be HEARD.


Note: I am shouting in this video. I am crying. It's because I'm channelling, for you, my sister. I hear you. I hear what happened to you. My spirit hears you. My energy hears you. 



Código 1  |  Código 2  |  Código 3  |  Código 4

Código 2

Clearing the energy from your energy system


When the violation of your Sacred Being happened, your energy system took on energies that aren’t yours. They’re from the other, the one that did this to you. We’re going to give those energies back. All of them. Every single atom of your body and every single vibration of your energy system will be free from what the other did to you.


If you can, for Códigos 1 & 2, go to a safe space in nature, a place near water. This precious place in nature that you have chosen, it has spirits. These spirits are already looking after you. The moment you choose the space, the spirits there are waiting for you, observing you, welcoming you, holding you with their energy. They want to help. All you need to do is ask.


In the water or near the water, find a stone that calls your attention. Find a stone that feels right. Hold it in your hands, feel it in your energy system. We’re going to do a deep chakra healing and this stone is going to help you.






This part is in writing because words have power, and you can feel the power of this. Feel into it. Once you have put all of the energy that is not yours into the stone, you can do one of two things, depending on where you are:


  • If you are near water, put the stone into the water.
  • If you are on land, in nature, find a spot that feels right and put the stone on the earth; or, if it feels right, bury the stone.


Then, thank the spirits for helping you. Thank the mountains, thank the air, thank the plants around you, thank the water. Thank Pachamama, thank the spirits of the Sun and the Moon. Ask the spirit of the water to help you. Ask the spirit of the earth to help you.


The next time the other drinks a sip of water, or the next time the other steps on the earth, ALL of the energy that you had been carrying will return to them - to their soul, to their cells, to the core of their being. It is done, sister, you are FREE. You are YOU. Welcome to your new life.


Código 1  |  Código 2  |  Código 3  |  Código 4

Código 3

Loving your body


Did you know that you’re a Sacred Being? What the other did to you took you far away from this knowledge, from the natural state that, yes, you are a Goddess, you are a Queen, you are Beautiful, you are Pure, you are Loved, you are LOVE.


This beautiful meditation will fill every cell of your Being with the energy of LOVE. It will return you to YOU.



Código 1  |  Código 2  |  Código 3  |  Código 4

Código 4

Loving your periods


Our periods are beautiful, but many of us don’t know this. We aren’t taught the power of our periods. This exercise will show you exactly how being a woman is POWERFUL, how having our periods is an honour.



Código 1  |  Código 2  |  Código 3  |  Código 4



You may still find thoughts coming up, about what happened to you, and that's normal. The way to take the power out of those thoughts is to look at them, bit by bit. If at first your instinct is to push them away, that’s ok… But bit by bit, look at the thoughts. They may have something to teach you. You may need to see something that’s there. And eventually, you’ll arrive at a place where the thoughts have nothing to teach you - here, all you need to do is let the energy flow out of your mind. It’s like Código 2, when you were clearing your energy system: It’s not a push, you don’t force out the memories; it’s a flow - you let the memory and the energy flow out of your mind and you continue on with your day 😊


Your energy has shifted rapidly, but the mind needs a little time to catch up. This is very normal and very human! Give yourself time. Give your mind time 💖


And one last thing: Your mind may need time to accept that, yes, you’re actually ok. But it’s true. If your mind starts wondering, just check your energy. Tune into your energy system again. You’ll find that, yes, you’re actually ok.


Be well, my sister. I love you.